Tuesday 08 October 2019

Companies, privatize the Boxing Beats. It’s unusual and inspiring.

« The rumble in the jungle » exhibits contemporary artworks and offers meetings with today’s artists and champions.

The Boxing Beats of Aubervilliers is represented by Saïd Bennajem, sports director and boxing commentator on Canal+, gave birth to great champions of which 80% are women. Notably Sarah Ourahmoune, who is the Olympic vice-champion of Rio 2016 and the most decorated French boxer.

This training center, whose walls preserve the memory of history, generates an authentic experience.

You can appropriate it for an internal and/or external event for your company throughout the duration of the exhibition.



Boxing Beats – 39 rue Lécuyer, 93300 Aubervilliers

Contact : julie@arroi.fr / +33 675 280 77