Cultural engineering

Created in 2004, ARROI means in old French, creating a good array of crew, which is the opposite of disarray. But also, Art’n’ROI (Return On Investment de l’Art), because art consists of great social and humane richness that are compatible with the stakes and levers of the enterprise.

Since 2017, ARROI has been developing around a new feature called “from meaning to work” (du sens à l’oeuvre) because beyond of adding value, art helps to reveal the meaning of a project, of a company, of a society, in a hybrid spirit around the search for profits to sustain the actions and the quest for meaning of everyone in society.

The artwork and the culture from A to Z. ARROI’s missions take place at every stage of a project, but they can be about a completely different creative process as well. Firstly to suggest and demonstrate, then to propose and produce, finally, to implement and promote among the various audiences : from the media to schools, through museums and other cultural, economic and social actors.

Consultation: Call for projects, consultation, pre-selection, hearings, selection

Commission: Production, installation, mediation, education, conservation