Wednesday 15 January 2020

Portraits from the team #2 – Mathilde

Graduated the University of Bordeaux-Montaigne from the department of Architectural and historical mediation, Mathilde is charged with the task of communication and mediation. 

Knowledgable about online communication tools as well as mediation projects for any kind of public, she participates in many projects of Arroi: She hosts guided tours and artistic events, and contributes to the communication strategy of the entreprise on it’s website and it’s social media profiles. The knowledge of artists and artworks she possesses for her  actions of mediation also ensured her an efficiency in writing content for the public communication of Arroi.

She is particularly interested in the accessibility of art for all audiences: entrepreneurs , young people, physically or mentally disabled audiences… Above all, she enjoys meeting artists and sharing her knowledge about contemporary artworks enhanced by many cultural engineering projects.

She tells us about her job:

“Working for Arroi means being reactive and adaptative in relation to the projects and the partners of the latter. From one company to another, or from one association to another, the actions carried out may vary from an artistic residency to a turnkey exhibition through the renewal of communication or animation dedicated to a particular audience.

We must therefore be able to listen and propose innovative ideas such as the France-Romania Season with Société Générale, presenting artists like Mircea Cantor in a bank at La Defense and the exhibition The Rumble in the jungle showing the links between art and boxing in a gym. Open-mindedness and curiosity are essential for keeping an eye out as well as discovering new artistic trends and appropriating them to propose a socially adapted communication and mediation strategies. But once this work is done, the real pleasure is in the exchange with the public, the discussions, the consideration in their eyes lingering on the works they discover.

Visual: Inauguration of the exhibition “Lux . A Romanian energy” at the headquarters of Société Générale, Paris la Défense, Mircea Cantor, Rainbow, courtesy of the artist, photo David Lebrun, Image consultant.