Friday 14 February 2020

Inverted Immersion – The Workers

ARROI joins forces with the Galleria Continua to launch a new program: Inverted Immersions (les immersions inversées). This project aims to invite entrepreneurs to take a step aside, in order to make them discover the daily life of an artist.

“Among the many creative experiences proposed in the world of contemporary art, The Workers project aims to question the alternative ways of thinking about work and its impact on our society, through two selected figures. An artist and a company manager are brought together to meet, exchange and reflect on their respective worlds. 

Today, it is easy to see the multiplication of experiments that aim to invest in the world of work through art. All over the world, and in many ways, an artist can be invited by an institution or a company to produce a work, to be inspired and to advance in his or her search for artistic creation. A space is then offered to him/her by the host. In this way, artists and thinkers benefit from their own leeway for reflection and work, a space inseparable from their intellectual and artistic activity. The Workers question this space. Is it a professional privilege given to artists? Conversely, is it possible to consider a creative space for the entrepreneur? Artists are often inspired by the social and economic context of a specific host company, but how can the reverse be allowed? How can the host entrepreneur be enriched with ideas through the work of an artist and rethink his or her own space? How, alongside the artists, can the manager not remain in contemplation but act and be enriched by ideas? The Workers try answering this question.

This ability to think aesthetically about life and its gestures and to question them again, perpetually, is not an artist‘s prerogative, it is acceptable and possible for every human being.
In a given period of time, two individuals meet. An artist and a company manager, they cross-reference their perspectives on work. It is an opportunity to deal with subjects related to creation, inspiration, pugnacity, recognition, survival, presence on a market, competition, personal/work-life balance, transmissionetc. The ultimate goal of this encounter is to evoke numerous questions which lead to the obvious discovery of similar patterns, if not, to the common inspiration between two creators of singular emotions and projects.

The first meetings will take place in March 2020 in the studio of Pascale Marthine Tayou, an artist from the Francès collection, in Ghent, Belgium.